2015 Threat Report

推出 TRITON APX 版本 8.0

2015 Security Predictions Report

Prepare your defenses for the likely threats of 2015.

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Websense® TRITON APX protects your critical data from the evolving threat landscape.

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TRITON APX: Advanced Data Theft Protection

Websense allows you to innovate with safety and confidence and protect your data anytime, anywhere.

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Websense Security Labs

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Websense 與眾不同之處

  • 我們可以阻止之前沒有人發現的威脅
  • 我們的控制防禦措施能阻止資料洩露
  • 我們即時提供這種保護
  • 我們為您的資料提供無處不在的保護

The overriding requirement was not to restrict our staff from performing their roles, but to purely protect them and Honda from any malicious intent.We believe we achieved this with Websense.

- Craig Bassett, Senior Manager IT, Honda Australia MPE

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