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LIVE Webcast: Big Data, Big Risk

Security in the Age of “Big Data” Analytics and the Internet of Things
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
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TRITON: Unified, Intelligent and
Real-Time Security

Websense TRITON architecture is the foundation of our web, email, mobile and data security solutions. It helps us provide comprehensive, easily managed security at the lowest TCO.

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Our Difference: Websense ACE
(Advanced Classification Engine)

Websense ACE is the power behind all our web, email, data and mobile security products.

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Websense TRITON 安全防禦架構是我們的網路、電子郵件、行動裝置和資料安全性解決方案的基礎。

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TRITON 解決方案套件:

您可以選擇以下三種解決方案中的一種,以實現網路安全性、電子郵件安全性及 DLP(資料遺失防護)功能。

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我們的優勢: Websense ACE

Websense ACE(先進分類引擎)是我們所有的網路、電子郵件、資料及行動裝置安全防禦產品的核心技術。

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